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Meet Sensei Andre Lemieux

Sensei Andre Lemieux is proud to welcome and train everyone willing to focus on the art of Karate, Tai Chi, Self-Defense and Kickboxing. He is also a personal trainer and offers customized health plans.

Five-time world champion
A five-time world champion, Sensei Andre Lemieux takes pride in designing classes for adults, children, and those looking for high and low intensity workouts.

Karate is a way of life
To Sensei Andre Lemieux, karate is a way of life. With a strong emphasis on focus, discipline, and respect, he earned his black belt in three years and has since been promoted in Japan to 5th Dan. Sensei Andre Lemieux trains as though he is competing every day, taking pride in the form and the respect that comes with the art of karate. He is also proud to work with Autism Canada.

Push & Improve Yourself
When you train with Sensei Andre Lemieux, you will be constantly pushing and improving yourself. Once you’ve become a black belt, your training is not over. At Sensei Andre Lemieux’s dojo, you become a white belt all over again by pushing you to apply the techniques that you have learned. When you are a black belt, you start to learn to apply everything you have learned from white to brown belt. This improves your skill, knowledge, and respect for karate. TRX suspension training also available.

Watch Sensei Andre Lemieux on Training with the Pros: